Onsite Rubber Lining

Jemond Rubber Pvt. Ltd. has vast knowledge of experience installing and applying protective Rubber linings in the field.   We commonly carry out repairs, Re-Rubber lining & new Rubber Lining at facilities such as Power plants, Chemical plants, Water treatment Plants, Steel industries, Oil and Gas Industries, Mining Industries, Paint and Pigments, DM plants and other locations. Jemond Rubber Pvt. Ltd. provides unique solutions to keep ageing equipment in rubber lining works.

Annual Repair Contract

Non-comprehensive Annual Repair Contracts (ARCs) for Rubber lining process.

The objective of the ARC is to ensure trouble free operation of your installation.
Main features include :

  • Visit by our engineers for inspection and preventive repairing works.
  • Time bound response to service calls.

Our field services include :

  • Inspections
  • Repairs and Removal of Old Rubber
  • New Rubber Lining
  • Spark & Hardness testing
  • Preventative maintenance
  • 24 hour emergency response services

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