Water Treatment Plant

Jemond Rubber Pvt. Ltd. earned a reputation for providing Rubber Lining solutions to customer’s corrosion issues in the field of Water Treatment Industries.   Rubber Linings are used in a variety of applications like DM Plant, Mineral Plant, Boiler Feed Water Treatment, and Softener Plant etc. Using the most advanced technology, Our rubber lining process produced in different thicknesses to be used in a variety of industrial situations

Type of Rubber

The resistance of various different types of rubber lining to chemicals and solvents vary greatly.

Soft Natural Rubber :

This rubber has good general chemical resistance within temperature limitation as well as excellent to superior abrasion and tear resistance.

Ebonite Rubber :

This rubber is used as an anticorrosive lining for various chemical equipments as well as authentic degree of chemical resistance and hardness is widely use in the electroplating and metal finishing industries.

Synthetic Rubbers :

This form of synthetic rubber is mostly use in good resistance to hydrocarbons, mineral oil, fuel,and other chemicals. This can be use in some authentic heat resistance.

Technical Specifications

Rubber NR, Neoprene, Ebonite, Butyl, Hypalon, Nitrile, EPDM or any Synthetic Rubbers
Hardness 65 ± 5 Shore ‘A’ for Soft Rubber, 85 ± 5 Shore ‘D’ for Hard Rubber or as per client requirement
Thickness 4 to 10 MM
Testing Spark Testing for Leakage detection, Hardness testing


Water Treatment

  • Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO Plant)
  • Media filters
  • Ion Exchanges

Waste Water Treatment

  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Effluent Treatment plant (ETP)


  • High impact resistance
  • Fine anti-corrosion
  • Increase Life of Vessels
  • Non Reactive with Water
  • Less running resistance can reduce energy consumption

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